2 Interview with a Flower Photagrapher

I use to pop in to Henrietta Hassinen's blog, and every time i get amazed.  Henrietta lives in Finland and she shoots the most beautiful photos, mostly flowers. 

Why do you specially love to take photos of flowers?
- I have always wanted to paint but I "discovered" that I'm not talented enough to do that so I replaced brushes with camera. I want to explore light and flowers. I take tens of pictures just of one flower to find the right picture. If there is nothing that touches me I delete all of them. It sounds easy to take pictures from flowers but if you want something special you have to explore more than just take a snapshot without any though. I have to admit I do take snapshots also from time to time, but then I try to find that something in editing. When I get THE picture it gives me so much pleasure and I get through the winter with those flower pictures.

 - Anemone, I so love it. I took off middle tones to get it very
light looking. I love how I can almost see through the leaves.
If I want to take some photos of a bouquet I made in the shop, what to think of?
- This is the hard one cause I hardly ever buy bouquets to myself, but I would say the light. Light is everything even in dark winter. You just have to wait for the right moment. I know how light goes in my home and if I want to take pictures I wait for the right moment like when the sun comes to my living room window in the afternoon or morning light in my kitchen window. Explore how the light goes in yourplace and when you know wher the best light is,  think about the background/surroundings. It should be quite peaceful that it don't take attention from the flowers. And do you need something extra to make a beautiful set up or just the bouquet?Try different apertures, I like to use 2.8 with my close ups:  It gives such a lovely softness and the background is always blurred.

- I took this Orchid picture last winter in morning/day light front of my kitchen window which gives little nice backlight.
What is the most difficult when taking photos of flowers?
- To find the light in winter time, which is sadly too long here. The other thing is to find that something special. If you have taken pictures from Gerbera like hundred times you still have to find something new about it.

What is your favourite flower?
- I like almost every flower but my absolutely favs are Anemones, Ranunculus and Gerbera.

Where to find you, when you are not out taking photos?
- Home (Homesick, I always missing my home when I'm not there:) or at work which sadly has nothing to do with photographing or flowers.
 - Sometimes it also possible to show your flower in BW. In this gerbera I love the lightness and the shape, the colour in this is not so important.

For more beautiful photos, please visti Henrietta's Blog!

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  1. Henrietta´s creativity with the flowers is incredible. I have learned so much from her.:)

  2. Henrietta, you are AMAZING!!!!


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