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Det här är helt min stil!
Hortensia, grenar, cylindervaser och dämpad färgskala. Stilrent! Fast ljuslyktorna i toppen på grenarna kan jag vara utan. Snyggt till vilken fest som och funkar även hemma på en byrå eller liknande.

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This is totally my style!
Hydrangea, branches, cylinder vases and cool colours. Stylish! But I can do without the candles at the top of the branches. Suitable for any party and even at home on a dresser or side board.

Bildkälla theknottybride.com

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  1. I like how the branches give some height to the table setting. I actually quite like the hanging tea lights but on close inspection I see there are none on the table which is a bit weird - maybe they would be better there!

    1. I also thought about that. But I quite like that the table is so clean except from the vases. So I haven't made up my mind about the tea lights ;)


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